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Boris Has Rusty Knees

9m 41s

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  • Not All Food is Friendly

    Boris will not have any chocolate... Dave and Boris explore how to obtain mental clarity amongst a storm of helpful and unhelpful thoughts. Not every thought in our brain should be digested, or for Boris, just because the chocolate is in the kitchen, that doesn't mean he has to eat it!


  • Big Rocks Clear the Way

    Boris makes Floris a fancy meal... While cooking Boris feels his heart and brain fill up with stress. He has two hours to make Floris a meal that takes five hours to cook. Boris's time priorities are a little out of wack. Ben and the friends help Boris out through an object lesson involving big r...

  • Square Root Got You Down?

    Boris can’t calculate a square root... Boris gets very down about this. However Dave shows Boris that failures don't define him. He explains to Boris that in times of difficult it is very important to be kind to ourselves. In this lesson, Dave and Boris explore basic cognitive behavioral therapy...