Year 4 - Films

Year 4 - Films

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Year 4 - Films
  • HeartSmart Values

    1.45 MB

  • Facebook vs. Fakebook

    Episode 1

    Can a robot have a Facebook?... In this lesson, Dave and Boris explore the world of social media vs the real world. Boris talks about the depression that can come from comparing oneself to others espeically on instagram! Dave leads Boris through gratefulness exercises, which focus him into joy an...

  • Roboman, Heart of the Earth

    Episode 2

    Boris becomes a superhero. He is the heart of the earth... Dave and Boris talk about how to celebrate one’ strengths and superpowers. Dave teaches Boris that service is the best place to put our gifts and powers. "With great power comes great responsibility." - Uncle Ben - Roboman

    Age Group: Ea...