Year 2 - Films

Year 2 - Films

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These films are complete video lessons for you to use as an exciting add-on to the Written Curriculum. They require no teacher prep time and need only a pen and paper. Use the above search button to locate video lessons with your desired RHE objective or topic.

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Year 2 - Films
  • HeartSmart Values

    1.45 MB

  • Boris Has Rusty Knees

    Episode 1

    Boris has rusty knees! In this lesson Dave and Boris learn how to engage in positive self talk and how to receive self compassion. Boris learns to love himself even his rusty knees.

    Materials Required: pencil and paper (crayons and paint optional)

    Age Group: Early Elementary/KS1

    This lesson cr...

  • When Robots Fly

    Episode 2

    Boris doesn't have any wings... Dave and Boris explore how to focus on and employ personal strengths as a form of overcoming perceived self-weakness and a depression that might ensue from a hyper focus on individual failings. Boris learns to love his strengths even while coming to terms with the ...

  • Not All Food is Friendly

    Episode 3

    Boris will not have any chocolate... Dave and Boris explore how to obtain mental clarity amongst a storm of helpful and unhelpful thoughts. Not every thought in our brain should be digested, or for Boris, just because the chocolate is in the kitchen, that doesn't mean he has to eat it!