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Here you can access our content by topic or by CASEL's programming. HeartSmart's Curriculum is cross-referenced with the 5 CASEL Core Competencies. However we organize our lesson progression differently, which is why some of our lessons below appear out of order.

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  • CASEL's SEL Framework

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    Click here to download CASEL's PDF explaining each of the CASEL 5 Core Competencies in more detail. Alternatively visit to find out more.

  • Square Root Got You Down?

    Episode 1

    Boris can’t calculate a square root... Boris gets very down about this. However Dave shows Boris that failures don't define him. He explains to Boris that in times of difficult it is very important to be kind to ourselves. In this lesson, Dave and Boris explore basic cognitive behavioral therapy...

  • H.A.L.T. Right Where You Are

    Episode 2

    Boris is Hungry, Angry, a little Late, and Tired (HALT). Also totally unrelated, he's feeling stressed... Dave teaches Boris the HALT technique - to take a moment to step back and take care of some basic physical needs before moving on. In this lesson children will learn that stress can be experi...

  • The Emotions Express

    Episode 3

    Boris is emotional... Are emotions controllable or do emotions control you? Dave and Boris talk about healthy ways of expressing themselves without imploding. In this lesson children will learn self-monitoring and how to express their emotions in a constructive manner.

    Materials Required: pencil...

  • I Wonder Why We Wonder

    Episode 4

    Boris gazes at the Robin outside his window... Dave and Boris discuss the importance of taking time to wonder at nature and the beauty around us. Living in a state of wonder and gratefulness helps expand our hearts. In this lesson children will learn about the basics of mindfulness and how it co...

  • The Social Media Universe

    Episode 5

    Boris takes too many selfies... Dave and Boris discuss screen time limit, and how to navigate through the world of social media - how it affects us. Dave shows Boris that saying no to something can actually be saying yes to something else. In this lesson children will learn to take agency over th...

  • Hulk's Secrets

    Episode 6

    Boris's knees have gone red hot... In this lesson Dave and Boris explore impulse control, self discipline, and how to effectively manage negative emotions.

    Materials Required: pencil and paper (colored pencils optional)

    Age Group: Late Elementary/KS2

    This lesson cross references the SEL Core ...

  • Ready, Fire! Aim...

    Episode 7

    Boris is headed for the hills, but he just forgot one ... Dave and Boris discuss and explore how to adjust a plan halfway through, how to engage our brains to plan for the future.

    Materials Required: pencil and paper

    Age Group: Late Elementary/KS2

    This lesson cross references the SEL Core Com...

  • Spare Change

    Episode 8

    Boris has some spare change .... In this episode Dave and Boris disucss the power we have to create change, and not just pocket change. Dave explains the type of attitude required to enact significant positive change in our lives. Professor LoCascio explains the science of motivation. This lesson...