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Here you can access our content by topic or by CASEL's programming. HeartSmart's Curriculum is cross-referenced with the 5 CASEL Core Competencies. However we organize our lesson progression differently, which is why some of our lessons below appear out of order.

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  • CASEL's SEL Framework

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    Click here to download CASEL's PDF explaining each of the CASEL 5 Core Competencies in more detail. Alternatively visit to find out more.

  • Boris's Beginnings

    Episode 1

    Boris has arrived... This lesson introduces this story of Boris the Robot who has the smarts and a heart. In his story, Boris learns to identify negative internal dialogue and allow love and affirmation from the right sources into his heart.

    Age Group: Early Elementary/KS1

    This lesson cross ref...

  • When Robots Fly

    Episode 2

    Boris doesn't have any wings... Dave and Boris explore how to focus on and employ personal strengths as a form of overcoming perceived self-weakness and a depression that might ensue from a hyper focus on individual failings. Boris learns to love his strengths even while coming to terms with the ...

  • All the Feels

    Episode 3

    Boris has a bad feeling about this ... In this episode Dave shows Boris how to put words to feelings. The episode helps children separate their identity from their emotions and thoughts. Just because Boris has a bad thought don't make him a bad person, or robot. Understanding one's emotions can h...

  • The Only You There Is

    Episode 4

    Is there anyone like me? This is the question Dave and Boris set out to answer. Ever individual is unique and special how they are. Dave discuss the importance of being authentic and leads the students to creatively express their individuality. The world needs to be touched by every child's uniqu...

  • Boris... We Have a Problem

    Episode 5

    Boris can't work in the dark, the problem is too big too budge... This lesson teaches growth mindset and how it applies to problem solving. Dave shows the children that their ability isn't fixed, but tough situations can help one grow. Boris then incorporates this attitude into his situation, an...

  • Word Homes

    Episode 6

    Boris, where do words go? ... In this lesson Dave and Boris learn about the power of our words. Words go into the mind and can live there forever. Dave and Boris teach students how to take agency over mindsets and care for the thoughts that grow there.

    Materials Required: pencil and paper

    Age G...

  • The Voice Choice

    Episode 7

    Boris is singing the Scrapman’s song... Dave and Boris discuss how to recognize our internal dialogue and distinguish between helpful and unhelpful thought processes. Dave outlines how we can take steps to reverse negative self-talk especially in times of challenge.

    Materials Required: pencil a...

  • Grow Your Garden

    Episode 8

    What is hope, Boris?... In this episode Dave and Boris explore how to build hope over long periods of time. Dave helps Berenis navigate through disappointment while still maintaining a growth mindset and a sense of grit. In this lesson Children will learn self efficacy and how to use challenge as...

  • Mission Impossible

    Episode 9

    Boris explains the recent blue car invasion... In this episode Dave and Boris explore growth mindset and the importance of making constructive choices when faced with a challenge. Children will come away from this lesson with a sense of hope about their circumstances.

    Materials Required: black c...