Year 6 - Films

Year 6 - Films

5 Seasons

These films are complete video lessons for you to use as an exciting add-on to the Written Curriculum. They require no teacher prep time and need only a pen and paper. Use the above search button to locate video lessons with your desired RHE objective or topic.

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Year 6 - Films
  • HeartSmart Values

    1.45 MB

  • A New Language

    Episode 1

    Boris learns a new language ... In this lesson, Dave & Boris explore the 5 love languages from Dr. Gary Chapman. Dave models how to show kindness and love to people in the ways that they understand most. In the lesson the children will take a test discovering their love language, the best ways th...

  • The Voice of the Voice of the Scrapman

    Episode 2

    Boris discusses the Scrapman’s nose... Dave and Boris explore how the voices we listen to shape our character, and how compassion plays a role in building resiliency. In this lesson, children will learn basic compassion focused therapy.

    Materials Required: pencil and paper

    Age Group: Late Eleme...

  • I Wonder Why We Wonder

    Episode 3

    Boris gazes at the Robin outside his window... Dave and Boris discuss the importance of taking time to wonder at nature and the beauty around us. Living in a state of wonder and gratefulness helps expand our hearts. In this lesson children will learn about the basics of mindfulness and how it co...