Year 4 - Films

Year 4 - Films

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Year 4 - Films
  • HeartSmart Values

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  • Boris's Beginnings

    Episode 1

    Boris has arrived... This lesson introduces this story of Boris the Robot who has the smarts and a heart. In his story, Boris learns to identify negative internal dialogue and allow love and affirmation from the right sources into his heart.

    Age Group: Early Elementary/KS1

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  • Choices Galore

    Episode 2

    Boris has 3,000 choices to make... Dave and Boris talks about healthy decision making processes and how to become a powerful person that doesn't use that power to control.

  • Square Root Got You Down?

    Episode 3

    Boris can’t calculate a square root... Boris gets very down about this. However Dave shows Boris that failures don't define him. He explains to Boris that in times of difficult it is very important to be kind to ourselves. In this lesson, Dave and Boris explore basic cognitive behavioral therapy...

  • Boris Meets Floris

    Episode 4

    Boris is going on a date... In this lesson, Dave helps Boris recognize and process new feelings like the little robot butterflies in his stomach before his date. In this lesson children will learn to identify emotions with granularity.

    Age Group: Early Elementary/KS1

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  • Word Homes

    Episode 5

    Boris, where do words go? ... In this lesson Dave and Boris learn about the power of our words. Words go into the mind and can live there forever. Dave and Boris teach students how to take agency over mindsets and care for the thoughts that grow there.

    Age Group: Early Elementary/KS1

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