Year 3 - Films

Year 3 - Films

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Year 3 - Films
  • HeartSmart Values

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  • Earn Your Wings

    Episode 1

    Boris can't fly ... but he can make a jet pack. In this lesson Dave and Boris explore lateral thinking and using creativity when problem solving. Children will come away from this lesson understanding how to apply an improvement orientation to challenges they may encounter.

    Age Group: Early El...

  • The Voice Choice

    Episode 2

    Boris is singing the scrapman’s song... Dave and Boris discuss how to recognize our internal dialogue and distinguish between helpful and unhelpful thought processes. Dave outlines how we can take steps to reverse negative self-talk especially in times of challenge. Children will come away from t...

  • Grow Your Garden

    Episode 3

    What is hope, Boris?... In this episode Dave and Boris explore how to build hope over long periods of time. Dave helps Berenis navigate through dissapointment while still maintaining a growth mindset and a sense of grit. In this lesson Children will learn self efficacy and how to use challenge as...