Year 3 - Films

Year 3 - Films

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Year 3 - Films
  • HeartSmart Values

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  • The Scrapman Is Back!

    Episode 1

    Boris wants to share his toys with the Scrapman... In this lesson, Dave and Boris explore boundaries and how to resist inappropriate social pressure. Stephanie teaches students how to identify levels of friendship.

    Age Group: Early Elementary/KS1

    This lesson cross references the SEL Core Compet...

  • Skunk-Speak

    Episode 2

    Boris tries to befriend the skunk ... But Boris doesn't speak skunk. He can't communicate succefully. Dave and Boris explore friendship and vulnerability, they discuss how true connection is based on honest sharing of needs. In this lesson children will learn how to communicate effectively and wi...

  • Tongue-Tied

    Episode 3

    Boris doesn't have a tongue... But the rest of us do. Dave and Boris talk about the importance of telling the truth of what's going on inside us, even when it may cost populaitry. Dave and Boris also explain what happens inside the hearts of our friends when we gossip. In this lesson children wil...