Year 2 - Films

Year 2 - Films

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These films are complete video lessons for you to use as an exciting add-on to the Written Curriculum. They require no teacher prep time and need only a pen and paper. Use the above search button to locate video lessons with your desired RHE objective or topic.

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Year 2 - Films
  • HeartSmart Values

    1.45 MB

  • Let it Out

    Episode 1

    Boris's plays ball like a robot ... His skills aren't quite like the others, but he doesn't want to hurt his friends by telling them he doesn't want to play. In this lesson Dave and Boris explore brave communication and model how to be true to yourself in situations when it is more difficult to d...

  • All the Feels

    Episode 2

    Boris has a bad feeling about this ... In this episode Dave shows Boris how to put words to feelings. The episode helps children separate their identity from their emotions and thoughts. Just because Boris has a bad thought don't make him a bad person, or robot. Understanding one's emotions can h...

  • The Only You There Is

    Episode 3

    Is there anyone like me? This is the question Dave and Boris set out to answer. Ever individual is unique and special how they are. Dave discuss the importance of being authentic and leads the students to creatively express their individuality. The world needs to be touched by every child's uniqu...