Year 1 - Films

Year 1 - Films

5 Seasons

These films are complete video lessons for you to use as an exciting add-on to the Written Curriculum. They require no teacher prep time and need only a pen and paper. Use the above search button to locate video lessons with your desired RHE objective or topic.

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Year 1 - Films
  • HeartSmart Values

    1.45 MB

  • Adventure Never Fails

    Episode 1

    Boris never wants to play with jigsaws again... In this lesson Dave and Boris explore grit and the role that perseverance plays in solving problems. Dave explains how challenge does not leave us without agency - perseverance is a choice. At the end of this lesson Boris finds himself inspired by d...

  • Boris... We Have a Problem

    Episode 2

    Boris can't work in the dark, the problem is too big too budge... This lesson teaches growth mindset and how it applies to problem solving. Dave shows the children that their ability isn't fixed, but tough situations can help one grow. Boris then incorporates this attitude into his situation, an...

  • Imagination Determination

    Episode 3

    Boris wants to build the future ... but he has to find the right tools. Dreams are the tools that build the future. In this lesson children will learn the importance of the imagination as the primary means for groundbreaking social change; children will discover the essential role that imaginatio...