Too Much Selfie isn't Healthy!

Too Much Selfie isn't Healthy!

Exploring the importance of others and how to love them well.

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Too Much Selfie isn't Healthy!
  • Understanding Situational Demands and Opportunities

    Episode 2 - Can a robot have a Facebook?... In this lesson, Dave and Boris explore social media and the range of emotions that we all experience.

    CASEL Core Competency #2 Social Awareness: appreciating diversity and growing in empathy.

    This is RHE:
    OR1: Online Relationships - that people some...

  • Acknowledging Strengths in Others

    Episode 7 - Boris becomes RoboMan, heart of the earth... Dave and Boris talk about how to celebrate others’ strengths and superpowers in a way that fosters connection not competition.

    CASEL competency #2 Social Awareness: Recognizing strengths in others.
    CASEL competency #4 Relationship Skills :...