Staff Training

Staff Training

Staff Training in bite-sized chunks. Watch 5minutes in a staff meeting and keep Professional Development as regular as lunch times! There's lots more coming here soon...

Staff Training
  • The Biology of Resilience

    A brief introduction to the biology of resilience. What we do in our classrooms has incredible impact, even on a cellular level.

  • Introduction to the HeartSmart Framework

    Introduction to the HeartSmart Framework - This is what we loving call the Heartsmart High Five. Five core values that underpin our curriculum and everything we do!

  • Heather Forbes, LCSW - Transition Tips for Teachers

    Heather Forbes, LCSW provides some transition tips from Boris' Shed. Visit her website for more trauma-informed schools resources.

  • School Climate - Conversation with a Principal

    Deb Wallace is a Principal in Northern California and an expert in building school climate and healthy culture.
    In this short conversation for school leaders, Dave and Deb explore how to implement and build health throughout the school.

  • Understanding the HeartSmart Values

    6 videos

    HeartSmart 101 (2017)
    New staff training films will be released October 2021