Responsible Decision-Making

Responsible Decision-Making

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Here you can access our content by topic or by CASEL's programming. HeartSmart's Curriculum is cross-referenced with the 5 CASEL Core Competencies. However we organize our lesson progression differently, which is why some of our lessons below appear out of order.

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Responsible Decision-Making
  • CASEL's SEL Framework

    170 KB

    Click here to download CASEL's PDF explaining each of the CASEL 5 Core Competencies in more detail. Alternatively visit to find out more.

  • Roboman, Heart of the Earth

    Episode 1

    Boris becomes a superhero. He is the heart of the earth... Dave and Boris talk about how to celebrate one’ strengths and superpowers. Dave teaches Boris that service is the best place to put our gifts and powers. "With great power comes great responsibility." - Uncle Ben - Roboman

    Materials Req...

  • Earn Your Wings

    Episode 2

    Boris can't fly ... but he can make a jet pack. In this lesson Dave and Boris explore lateral thinking and using creativity when problem solving. Children will come away from this lesson understanding how to apply an improvement orientation to challenges they may encounter.

    Materials Required:...

  • Boris and the Dance Secret

    Episode 3

    Boris pretends to have a hidden dance life ... In this lesson Dave and Boris explore the importance of telling the truth and how to take responsibility for amending what you’ve said, without lying. If Boris wants to back out of his dance career, he must do so by taking ownership of what he has sa...