'No Way Through,' isn't True!

'No Way Through,' isn't True!

Knowing there is a way through every situation, no matter how impossible it may seem.

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'No Way Through,' isn't True!
  • Demonstrating Curiosity and Open-Mindedness, Growth Mindset

    Episode 5 - Boris explains the recent blue car invasion... In this lesson Dave and Boris explore growth mindset and the importance of making constructive choices when faced with a challenge.

    CASEL Core Competency #5 Responsible Decision Making: identifying and responding to problems with constr...

  • Learning How to Make a Reasoned Judgment, Growth Mindset

    Episode 10 - Boris is headed for the hills, but he just forgot one ... Dave and Boris discuss and explore how to adjust a plan halfway through, how to engage our brains to plan for the future.

    CASEL SEL competency #5 Responsible Decision Making: learning how to make a reasoned judgment after ana...