5 Seasons

There are 5 units - each with 5 video lessons and accompanying written teaching materials.
Each video lesson is around 10minutes long with an embedded activity - allow 20minutes in total.

  • Overview Grid

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    Units 1 - 5 for K-1st. Kindergarten and 1st Grade have identical video lessons until Summer 2022. Bonus lessons are different. A new set of 5 video lessons will be released at this time.

  • Re-Opening Slammed Doors

    Episode 1

    Boris has slammed the door... Amber and Boris have gotten into a fight, and Boris asks Dave for help. Dave shows Boris healthy mechanisms for processing emotions that come up after an argument. Eventually Boris and Amber resolve.

    Materials Required: pencil and paper

    This lesson cross references...

  • Big Rocks Clear the Way

    Episode 2

    Boris makes Floris a fancy meal... While cooking Boris feels his heart and brain fill up with stress. He has two hours to make Floris a meal that takes five hours to cook. Boris's time priorities are a little out of wack. Ben and the friends help Boris out through an object lesson involving big r...

  • The Watch What You Watch Watch

    Episode 3

    Boris has a new watch ... this watch is for watching what he watches. Whatchu think about that? Dave and Boris help children understand why there are age ratings on movies and TV shows. Professor LoCascio explains the brain science behind age ratings. This episode teaches children that their hear...

  • Classroom Activity

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  • Classroom Activity

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    Click to download. This PDF includes a lesson plan and accompanying resources.

  • Classroom Activity

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    Click to download. This PDF includes a lesson plan and accompanying resources.

  • Self Assessment

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    Self assessment worksheet