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    Welcome to HeartSmart TV! This video will help you in the getting started process and will show you how to navigate our site.

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    HeartSmart 101

  • The Boris Story

    We would love to introduce you to Boris the Robot!

    Boris was built from old gears and cogs and other unwanted bits and bobs. He was lovingly made by Amber and Josh who invite Boris to live with them.

    So why does Boris sometimes still hear the Scrapman's song calling to him 'Junk is junk, it's ...

  • Pacing Guides

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    Download a suggested pacing guide for your grade.
    For implementation or assistance arrange a call at [email protected]

  • Story of Boris - Spanish

    The Story of Boris the Robot in Spanish!

  • Make a Friend For Boris

    This video introduces the idea of powerful choices and encourages the children to make a friend for Boris.

  • The Biology of Resilience

    A brief introduction to the biology of resilience. What we do in our classrooms has incredible impact, even on a cellular level.

  • School Climate

    Deb Wallace is a Principal in Northern California and an expert in building school climate and healthy culture.
    In this short conversation for school leaders, Dave and Deb explore how to implement and build health throughout the school.