Fake is a Mistake!

Fake is a Mistake!

Unpacking how to bravely communicate truth and be proud of who we are.

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Fake is a Mistake!
  • Developing Positive Relationships, Communicating Effectively

    Episode 4 - Boris has a hidden dance life ... In this lesson Dave and Boris explore the importance of telling the truth and how to take responsibility for amending what you’ve said. If Boris wants to back out of his dance career, he must do so by taking ownership of what he has said.

    CASEL Co...

  • Self Efficacy - DISC Profile Assessment

    Boris and Dave take and introduce the DISC profile The DISC quiz is found here:


    DISC profile. CASEL Core Competencies #1 and #4: Self Awareness and Relationship skills. Identifying personal, cultural, and linguistic assets; Self Ef...