Fake is a Mistake!

Fake is a Mistake!

Unpacking how to bravely communicate truth and be proud of who we are.

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Fake is a Mistake!
  • Resolving Conflicts Constructively

    Episode 4 - Boris wants to share his toys with the Scrapman... In this lesson, Dave and Boris explore boundaries and how to resist inappropriate social pressure.

    CASEL Core Competency #4 Relationship Skills: clearly communicating and negotiating conflict.

    This is RHE:
    RR2: Respectful Relations...

  • Developing Positive Relationships, Seeking or Offering Support and Help

    Boris tries to befriend the skunk ... Dave and Boris explore friendship and vulnerability, they discuss how true connection is based on honest sharing of needs.

    CASEL Core Competency #4 Relationship Skills: developing positive relationships, seeking or offering support and help when needed.