Don't Forget to Let Love in!

Don't Forget to Let Love in!

Learning how important, valued and loved we are.

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Don't Forget to Let Love in!
  • Identifying One’s Emotions

    Episode 1 - Boris can’t calculate a square root... In this lesson, Dave and Boris explore basic cognitive behavioural therapy and support children in building a compassionate internal dialogue.

    CASEL Core Competency #1 Self Awareness: building healthy internal dialogue and self-efficacy.

    This ...

  • Linking Feelings, Values, Thoughts

    Episode 6 - Boris is going on a date... In this lesson, Dave helps Boris recognize and process new feelings like the little robot butterflies in his stomach before his date.

    CASEL Core Competency #1 Self Awareness - identifying one’s emotions.

    This is RHE:
    MW2 : Mental Wellbeing - that there ...