Don't Hold On to What's Wrong!

Don't Hold On to What's Wrong!

Understanding how to process negative emotion and choose forgiveness to restore relationships.

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Don't Hold On to What's Wrong!
  • Resolving Conflicts Constructively

    Episode 3 - Boris has no one to make slime with ... In this lesson Dave and Boris explore forgiveness and basic restorative practice.

    This is RHE:
    CF4: Caring Friendships - that most friendships have ups and downs, and that these can often be worked through so that the friendship is repaired o...

  • Identifying and Using Stress Management Strategies

    Episode 8 - Boris must paint the shed... Dave and Boris explore how to make decisions, like what color the shed should be. Dave shows Boris the acronym HALT, and explains how to listen to our bodies before making pressured decisions.

    CASEL Core Competency #3 Self Management: Identifying and usin...